Saturday, May 23, 2009

Network Security: India ill-prepared

Network security in the age of cyber-skirmishes is a relatively new challenge for India. When StratPost asked a senior official in New Delhi’s security setup as to what kind of systems the Indian military used, “Windows,” he said with a knowing grin.

And how proficient is India in cyber warfare? “One would naturally think we’d be good, with our IT and knowledge economy. The fact is, we haven’t identified, trained and nurtured talent on an institutional basis. India may have a lot of whiz kids but we still haven’t tapped them as a force-multiplying resource. We need to build cadres of these geniuses, the way the Chinese have been doing. But first we need to recognize that the so far distant threat will become very real very soon, with enhanced networking. And remember, the more you network systems and institutions, the faster you network them, and so more and more of them become vulnerable at an increasing rate,” he warned.


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