Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nigerians Held For Internet Fraud

Two Nigerians were nabbed by a Kolkata Police team from Delhi on Monday for duping a city housewife of Rs 1.22 lakh after luring her with a 200,000 dollar lucky draw. Police suspect that the two fraudsters are members of a notorious Nigerian lottery racket which has swindled several people of more than Rs 1 crore in the past three months.

Sunanda Banerjee of Kolkata is just one of those from the city to have been duped by this racket. But this is the first time city police could reach the Nigerian racketeers. Police said Banerjee a resident of Narkeldanga Main Road in east Kolkata received an SMS in the last week of April declaring her the lucky winner of a draw held by an UK-based multinational petroleum company. Banerjee was also provided a mail address and asked to contact the sender. Without any suspicion, she replied and received a certificate in the name of the petroleum company confirming her prize. The "company" had also mailed her that a British diplomat Ben John Kenedy would arrive in Delhi to deliver her prize money. To authenticate the claim, the fraudsters had also sent the photograph of Kenedy's passport and identity proof through the mail.

Meanwhile, Banerjee had received a few calls. The caller introduced himself as the local agent of the company who would arrange delivery of the shipment and asked her to pay Rs 1.22 lakh as shipment charges and processing fees. Banerjee deposited the amount in a private bank account in three installments, but her prize money never reached her.


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