Monday, June 8, 2009

Educational Reforms In India Unlikely

The government of India has announced major educational reforms in India. However, in a “corruption ailed environment” this seems to be a dream alone. Before bringing any educational reforms the government must curb the increasing corruption levels at the school, university and UGC level. Without that it is like beating wind with a stick. If the HRD Ministry is really serious it must start taking stringent actions at all the level that is presently missing. This means educational reforms in India are unlikely to happen.

India's education sector is heating up -- to scalding point. But the cash-strapped Indian government, which far overshot its budget in the last fiscal year to March, is more likely to spend on basic infrastructure such as school buildings and not on advanced facilities like e-learning and computer services in schools.

As for reforms, they remain a distant possibility. Current rules bar private investment in primary and secondary schools, whether government-owned or private, because education is designated as a not-for-profit sector. In this context, betting on education isn't such a good thing.


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