Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phishing Attacks On Rise In India

According to a recent research by India’s leading Techno-Legal ICT Firm Perry4Law, Malware attacks are increasing in India. The problem is bound to further increase in India as we have neither a National ICT Policy nor “political will” to fight against the same. India does not lack the resources to fight the same but we do not have good experts who can execute various promises made by the government. The end result is that cyber law in India is very weak and ineffective. The Information Technology Act, 2000 needs an immediate amendment to make it effective to fight the contemporary cyber crimes.

Hacking is in fashion in India, it seems. After Delhi-based designer Rina Dhaka had her account hacked, mails went out to all her contacts saying that she was stuck in London without her wallet and asked the recipient to send her $2000 to get back home. After that case came to light, it appears that a couple of Rajasthan-based designers, Aruna Singh and Rahul Jain, have also faced a similar problem.

This seems to be a classical case of Nigerian scam and phishing attack.

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