Sunday, June 7, 2009

Securing India

ON his first day in office after returning to the North Block, Home Minister P. Chidambaram announced that there would a second 100-day plan, beginning June 1, aimed at protecting the nation from terrorism. The announcement was at the instance of the Prime Minister, and would be analogous to the one that Chidambaram had implemented on moving to the Ministry of Home Affairs from the Ministry of Finance prior to the Lok Sabha elections and in the aftermath of the November 26 terror strike in Mumbai.

Chidambaram has said that there would now be a monthly report on tasks completed so as to facilitate public evaluation of his Ministry’s performance. This is unmistakably a Harvard-educated Home Minister’s management approach to looking at the nation’s woes on the criminal justice front. This is an unexceptionable workplan, except that it is likely to be assailed by cynics as too academic a view of a complex problem that hardly rendered itself to a classroom exercise.


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