Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best E-Courts Training Firms, Consultants And Experts In India

Law is an ongoing process and so is its adjudication process. This mandates that lawyers and judges must keep themselves abreast of the latest and contemporary legal arenas. Globally, cyber law and other technology laws have posed difficulties before the lawyers and judges to understand and apply these technology laws effectively.

Judges in India need to be Trained in the Techno-Legal Fields like Cyber Law, Cyber Forensics and other Technology Laws. Services of World Reputed Techno-Legal Firms like Perry4Law and world renowned Techno-Legal Experts like Praveen Dalal must be actively sought in this regard. Perry4Law is the exclusive firm in India that also provides Techno-Legal Training, Consultancy and Management Support for effective use of E-Courts in India.

According to Praveen Dalal the proposed opening of E-Court in Delhi High Court in the Month of December, 2009 could be good step in the right direction provided it is not another court in the “papers only”. He informed that India has been claiming opening of e-courts since 2003 and till now not even a single e-court is operational in India despite contrary claims. No court is e-court till cases can be filed and contested in an online environment and till now India has no such capabilities, says Dalal.

No numbers of judicial reforms can succeed till the judicial officers are well versed in contemporary laws and technology laws are proving this concept. It is high time that India must do the best it could do in this regard other than opening e-courts on papers only.