Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cyber Security In India Needs To Improve

It has been reported that India, needs immediate techno-legal online safety. Perry4Law is supervising the special techno-legal online security investigation, training and educational centre in India.

Cyber security in India has always got an unfamiliar treatment. Online protection is not only vital for securing the cyberspace of a Nation, it is also essential for securing its territorial boundaries.

Planned and critical data can be collected from manipulating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) used by strategic units of a Nation. For safeguarding businesses, governments and general public at large, cyber security is very important.

The situation is said to be most terrible when it comes to wireless safety in India. Wireless security has become a headache due to its misuse by terrorists in India.

Another crucial aspect related to a secure and strong cyber security in India pertains to critical ICT infrastructure protection in India. If ICT system is not secured risk of critical ICT infrastructure also increases.

It has been reported that, recently, Chinese intelligence groups might have planted computer malware and broken into the headquarters of 33 Corps, the army formation taking care of most of the north-eastern border with China.

It is believed that the break-in integrated the planting of Trojan viruses, which might have provided Chinese operators distant access to the computer network at the 33 Corps headquarters in Sukhna, near Siliguri, West Bengal.