Friday, June 11, 2010

Are Our Ministers Serious About Strong Cyber Law?

Times again we come across statements by ministries like law ministry or ministry of information technology regarding making Indian cyber law strong. Both law ministers Veerappa Moily and IT minister A. Raja have expressed their desire to amend the cyber law of India. These hints were given much after the degrading information technology amendment act 2008 was notified. However, after passing of more than one year nothing has happened on this front.

Is law ministry and IT ministry passing buck upon each other and are not serious at all. With hacking Indian sites and computer systems becoming a routine exercise in India, there is an emergent need to amend the information technology act 2000 and make it strong. But this may not happen earlier as the industrial lobbying in India will not allow this to happen so soon and our Parliament and politicians lack the essential will to do the same.