Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cyber Terrorism In India Is A Big Security Threat

Cyber terrorism in India is no more a fictional idea but is a reality. Although there is no clear cut definition of cyber terrorism yet use of information and communication technology (ICT) by terrorists is beyond any dispute or doubt.

India has been consistently lax regarding enacting strong cyber laws and ensuring good cyber security. As a result crucial governmental computer systems have been targeted by cyber criminals throughout the world. Many sensitive documents have been stolen in this manner but India has not taken enough steps to either strengthen its cyber law or effectuating its cyber security.

As a result cyber crimes in India are increasing at an alarming rate. Even the information technology act 2000 of India carries a single provision regarding cyber terrorism. It is surprising how such a crucial issue has been so indifferently dealt with by Indian government by a single provision.

A special attention must be given to cyber security of defence forces installations as they usually carry sensitive information. These installations must be frequently tested for cyber security breaches as compared to other normal and civil computer systems.

India need to gather popular public support as well as the political will to meet the objectives of cyber security and to prevent cyber terrorism and cyber attacks. Cyber security is a collective responsibility and India as a whole must address this issue with a sound cyber security policy.