Monday, July 12, 2010

Online Cyber Law Education In India

Cyber law is a specialised field of law that requires knowledge of both legal and technical principles. However, contrary to the general perception prevailing among the potential cyber law professionals, cyber law is much more than mere academic diplomas and degrees. Cyber law requires actual practical application of technical and legal principles to a given situation.

Here comes the importance of a good techno-legal training and education course that caters the practical requirement of this specialised field. In India there are very few techno-legal training and education course providers. Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) is the best techno-legal cyber law education and training provider not only in India but also world wide.

The best part about its qualitative techno-legal training and educational courses is that they are also available through online mode. The online platform of PTLB allows a lawyer, judge, law enforcement officer corporate executive, etc to sharpen their cyber law related skills even at the comfort of their home, offices, chambers or corporate room.

Presently PTLB is providing techno-legal online cyber law education in India, online cyber law training in India, online cyber law internship in India, online cyber law coaching in India and many such related services.

For the members of legal fraternity and judicial community, PTLB has launched a separate platform known as Online Lawyers And Judges Training And Educational Centre of India. In short, it is known as Bar & Bench Blog that provides meaningful insight to lawyers and judges world wide.

With these great techno-legal cyber law training and education initiatives of PTLB, the law enforcement, legal, judicial and corporate segments can be benefited a lot.