Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIT India Must Be Accountable To PMO

Ever since India has associated itself with information and communication technology (ICT), it has gained a lot in terms of reputation, money, projects, etc. However, India’s dominant position has almost slipped away from its hands thanks to the corruption, lack of accountability and absence of transparency in e-governance initiatives of India. India has become technologically bankrupt due to these factors.

The department of information technology of India (DIT India) has received vast amount of autonomy, finance and powers. However, it failed to bring home the much needed expertise, results and success. The chief reason for the same is that the prime minister’s office (PMO) does not care to look into the matters, policies and laws made by the DIT India.

No time in the past the prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh took any preventive and stern action against the falling standards of DIT. Being the prime minister of India, it is his primary responsibility to ensure transparency and accountability in all departments or ministries.

Some serious issues that PMO must urgently address are:

(1) Formulation of effective and sound ICT Policy of India,

(2) Formulation of effective cyber laws of India,

(3) Ensure enactment of a lawful interception law in India,

(4) Ensure enactment of privacy laws and data protection in India,

(5) Ensure good and effective cyber security and cyber forensics capabilities, etc.

These are some of the ICT related issues that the PMO must urgently consider before it is too late. Further, although the PMO is busy in many others, perhaps more important tasks, yet the situation has become so alarming that if immediate steps are not taken, PMO may have to answer some bitter questions in future.