Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indian Cyberspace Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Cyber security and cyber forensics are two essential components of cyberspace. At the same time, cyber security and cyber forensics must be supplemented with strong cyber law. Unfortunately, India has none.

India has a weak and cyber criminal’s friendly cyber law legislation known as information technology act, 2000 (IT Act 2000). Though originally it was somewhat stringent yet with the passage of the information technology act 2008 (IT Act 2008) it has become an impotent and useless law in this regard. Now cyber criminals can commit almost any cyber crime in India and go free. This is so because the IT Act 2008 made almost all the cyber crime bailable.

As far as cyber security is concerned, Indian cyberspace has been continuously targeted by cyber criminals. The computer systems located at sensitive and strategic locations are frequently breached and compromised. Even the prime minister’s office (PMO) has been attacked and successfully compromised by cyber criminals. India urgently needs effective cyber security measures.

On the front of cyber forensics as well, India has performed poorly. There is an absence of cyber forensics capabilities in India. We have to depend upon foreign corporations and universities to do cyber forensics job for us. Even the police force in India is ignorant about cyber crimes and cyber forensics basics.

It is high time to make effective cyber law, ensure good cyber security and develop sufficient cyber forensics capabilities in India.