Thursday, November 11, 2010

PMO Must Take E-Governance Of India Seriously

E-governance in India is passing through a bad phase as the national e-governance plan (NEGP) has failed to make any substantial impact. As a natural result, the e-infrastructure in India has also failed to develop to its full potential. The fact is that despite all media glare, e-governance is India is badly ailing.

Indian e-governance initiatives are confused with excessive technology procurement as opposed to management of governmental functions. Computerisation of traditional governmental and public functions is not e-governance. We have to empower the citizens with the power of information and communication technology (ICT).

The citizens of India cannot be empowered till we make necessary ICT policy of India and dedicatedly pursue the same. The department of information technology (DIT) India has failed to do the needful in this regard. None of the mission mode projects mentioned in the NEGP have been successfully completed.

All the so called success stories of e-governance in India are on papers along with no real and effective benefits to the common man living at the grassroots level. Of course, successful e-governance projects like MCA21 are also there. Besides, there are some very selective projects as well that have benefited end users due to use of e-governance.

However, by and large e-governance has failed in India. The government of India is not willing to formulate suitable e-governance policies at the national level. Further, due to growing corruption and lack of transparency and accountability, e-governance funds are never utilised in real life.

Till the prime minister’s office (PMO) keeps its eyes closed towards the corruption and lack of accountability and transparency that is failing the e-governance initiatives of India, nothing is going to change. Is PMO listening or seeing or is it waiting for another financial scam?