Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scrap All India Bar Examination (AIBE)

All India bar examination (AIBE) was imposed upon the fresh law graduates by pretending it to be a quality maintaining step. However, from the very beginning AIBE was neither a qualitative endeavour nor fair, transparent and sufficient enough to meet the international quality standards.

Despite this the bar council of India (BCI) adamantly pursued this initiative that ultimately proved a bane to fresh law students. However, what is more surprising is the fact that Supreme Court of India allowed the delaying tactics of BCI and perpetuated injustice to fresh law graduates by keeping them away from their legitimate and statutory right to practice in courts.

To make the matter worst, law ministry of India did not intervene in the matter. Although the law minister Veerappa Moily has been advocating many judicial and legal reforms yet it seems the law ministry itself needs some reforms.

The national litigation policy of India (NLPI) although mandates a speedy trial as well as prohibition against unnecessary litigation and case dragging yet both Supreme Court of India as well as law ministry were found flouting the NLPI themselves. Neither the Supreme Court nor law ministry took any stringent stand against this gross mismanagement and delaying tactics of BCI that has put law graduates in a real fix.

The least Supreme Court and law ministry can do to mitigate the plight of law graduates is to declare the AIBE illegal and redundant till BCI is well prepared and is capable of holding the same.