Sunday, August 21, 2011

Privacy And Data Protection Law Firms In India

Of late, privacy and data protection issues have assumed importance from the commercial and legal point of views. Commercially privacy and data protection are required to be protected to retain strategic advantage. Legally privacy and data protection are required to be protected under the laws of various jurisdictions.

Privacy is a concept that is unknown to Indian culture. However, slowly and steadily it has started gaining importance. When i talk about privacy, it not only includes the traditional privacy requirements but the more demanding requirements of our present times as well.

In the age of Internet and social networking, privacy has assumed a totally different meaning. There are many privacy violations in cyberspace and the role of good techno legal lawyers and law firms is very apparent in punishing the offenders.

According to B.S.Dalal, partner at New Delhi based ICT and IP law firm Perry4Law and a techno legal expert, “Techno legal privacy protection, data protection and data security lawyers and law firms are limited in nature. As far as India is concerned, we have no dedicated privacy, data protection and data security law. This is a serious limitation that is resulting in poor privacy, data protection and data security legal practice in India”.

However, sooner or later regulatory framework for privacy and data protection in India would be required. Further, disputes regarding privacy and data protection would also increase in future. This would require techno legal expertise on the part of lawyers and law firms.

The outsourcing industry must pay a special attention to the techno legal requirements of privacy, data protection and data security issues. Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have strongly recommended formulating and adopting best practices by stakeholders in this regard.