Friday, December 9, 2011

Guidelines For Social Media Contents Monitoring In India

Social networking is an area whose time has come. People across the globe are part of social media and networking platforms. This also applies to India. However, dedicated social networking laws in India and social media laws in India are missing despite much requirement.

Even we have no social media policy of India that governs the use of social media in India. The growing demands for cyber due diligence in India has further necessitated for adopting of a sound social networking policy in India by various stakeholders.

For the first time, a social media framework and guidelines for Indian government organisations has been suggested. However, keeping in mind the past record of Indian government, this may be another proposal that would not be fulfilled.

Cyber law of India has imposed certain restrictions and liabilities upon social networking websites. For instance, social networking sites are liable if they fail to exercise cyber due diligence in India. Similarly, social media is also liable for online IPRs violations, including online copyright violations in India.

Recently Internet intermediaries of India were agitated when they were asked to pre screen users’ contents before posting at their websites. Companies like Google and Facebook were asked to take appropriate steps in this regard. However, lack of adequate Internet intermediary laws in India has proved to be a big hurdle in regulating online contents in India. Google has openly showed its dissatisfaction in this regard to Indian government.

Now Indian government is planning to formulate guidelines for monitoring content on social media platforms and removal of objectionable content from websites. Let us hope the same would be drafted after analysing various merits and demerits of this proposal.