Sunday, September 30, 2012

Google Is Engaging In Illegal Blogs Censorship In India

Google has been filtering and censoring blogs in India for long. As per the latest post of the dedicated blog analysing censorship and blocking by Google in India, Google has once again censored and demoted more blogs in India. Not only blogs but even news articles have been frequently censored by Google in India.

This exercise of Google is not only against its own motto of do not be evil but is also against civil liberties like speech and expression. Further, there is a complete lack of transparency in Google’s actions.

Clearly, commercial interests and personal agenda have found favour with Google and it is manipulating with search results and blogs placement in its search engine.

According to the blog post, the following websites have been demoted and subjected to manual action penalty by Google without any reason and justification:

(1) Cyber Forensics In India

(2) Cyber Security In India

(3) E-Discovery Services In India

(4) E-Commerce Laws And Regulations In India

(5) Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB)

(6) Corporate Laws In India

(7) Techno Legal Online Dispute Resolution Services

Even the resource titled International ICT Policies and Strategies seems to have been censored by Google.

It is high time to ask Google to clarify its censorship stand in India.