Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cyber Security And India

Cyber security of India is the buzzword these days. Cyber security players are discussing the issues and challenges, policy and strategy, international cooperation, strategy, problems, crisis management plan, data protection laws, data security laws, cyber security laws, encryption regulations, encryption policy, social networks and cloud computing and more similar areas pertaining to Indian cyber security.

Further, governmental projects like central monitoring system, national counter terrorism centre (NCTC), national critical information infrastructure protection centre, national cyber coordination centre, etc have further complicated the Indian cyber security equation.  

These issues cannot be resolved till we have an effective and implementable cybersecurity policy of India that incorporates all the abovementioned aspects. Indian government has constituted a cyber security council that is a good step in the right direction.

Cyber security of India is under transformation and private cyber security players have played a major role in the same. The cyber security research centre by PTLB is the classic example of the same.

There are many issues in this regard that have still to be managed by India.  Let us hope that India government would resolve the same with the help of techno legal expert institutions like PTLB.