Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cyber Security Blog Censored By Google

We have been covering a very comprehensive series about censorship and manipulation of blogs by Google. Recently Google censored and demoted more blogs in India once again. We have written how Google censored international ICT policies and strategies blog. We have also reported how Google censored posts of PTLB blog.

In this article we are reporting censorship of Cyber security issues in India blog. For the benefit of readers of this cyber security blog, we are posting the links of the article below:

Cyber Security Issues And Challenges In India

Cyber Security Challenges In India

Cyber Espionage Against India And Its Challenges, Solutions And Defences

Cyber Security In India: Its Challenges And Problems

Cyber Terrorism Against India And Its Defences And Solutions

Critical Infrastructure Protection In India Is Needed

Cyber Warfare Against India And Its Defenses

Cyber Security In India

Cyber Security In India: Some Reflections

We would cover more blogs censored by Google one by one.