Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cyber Security Problems, Issues and Challenges Management In India

In this guest column, Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) has discussed the Indian Cyber Security Problems, Issues and Challenges Management. The article is a very comprehensive literature on cyber security problems and challenges of India. The article has been reproduced with approval from PTLB so that all the cyber security stakeholders of India may be benefited form the same.  

Cyber security initiatives of India have started gaining momentum. However, cyber security initiatives in India in India are still deficient on many aspects. After all, managing India’s cyber security problems, issues and challenges is not an easy task. In these circumstances establishment of the national cyber security database of India (NCSDI) assumes great cyber security significance. The cyber security research and development centre of India (CSRDCI) is also a timely initiative.

Undoubtedly, there are many cyber security issues of India that have still been left unattended. The cyber security issues and challenges in India require urgent attention of Indian government as we have already delayed this process.

India is facing cyber threats from cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, cyber espionage, etc and we must develop both offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities in India. India is also facing continuous and serious cyber threats that have been endangering the critical infrastructures of India. In these circumstances, there is an urgent need to strengthen critical infrastructure protection in India. We cannot achieve this task without ensuring cyber security skills development in India.

Concerns regarding insufficient cyber security in India have been raised for long but the Indian government remained indifferent to cyber security of India for long. However, some committed and dedicated private players have been playing a pro active role in strengthening the cyber security of India.

We at Perry4Law, PTLB and Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) have launched exclusive techno legal Cyber Forensics Research Centre Of India, Cyber Security Research Centre Of India And Cyber Crimes Investigation Centre Of India To Strengthen Indian Cyber Security And Cyber Forensics Capabilities.

Another major lacuna in the cyber security field is absence of implementable cyber security policy of India. Till various cyber security declarations and promises are actually implemented, they are of no use. As on date we have no implementable national cyber security policy of India.

Even basic level techno legal frameworks are missing in India. For instance, we have no dedicated cyber security laws in India. We also do not have dedicated encryption laws and regulations in India. Even Legal Framework For Mandatory E-Governance In India And Legal Framework For Cloud Computing In India are missing. The Mandatory E-Delivery Of Services In India is also missing.

India has to cover a long road in order to make its cyber security effective. It is high time to move beyond declarations and promises as they would not serve any purpose in the present times.