Wednesday, October 31, 2012

India's Cyber Security Challenges

Cyber security problems and challenges in India are complicated in nature. They cannot be resolved though mere conferences and lip services. A very pertinent question in this regard was recently asked by one of my friend and it asks will the third (3rd) worldwide cyber security summit of Delhi succeed?

This is a natural question to ask in these circumstances as the third (3rd) worldwide cyber security summit of Delhi, India 2012 has just concluded. Will summit like these bring any change in the cyber security environment of India? The answer is in negative as we need ground level and actual cyber security efforts in India.
For instance, initiatives like cyber security research and development centre of India (CSRDCI) and national cyber security database of India (NCSDI) can prove useful for strengthening of cyber security of India. We need more such initiatives in India.

The cyber security issues in India must be given a top priority. The glaring cyber security problems of India cannot be ignored by Indian government anymore. Further, we must also develop cyber crime investigation capabilities in India as well. The cyber crimes investigation centre of India (CCICI) by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) can be really handy in this regard.

The sooner these issues are resolved by Indian government the better it would be for the larger interest of India.