Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dispute Resolution In Technology Transactions

Technology transactions are being entered into and transacted world over. These technology transactions have global impact and global ramifications. However, when it comes to disputes resolution, global transactions have their own problems.

Since there are numerous jurisdictions involved in technology transactions, it is always better to decide in advance the resolution method of any possible future technology transactions disputes.

Dispute Resolution Of Cross Border Technology Transactions is a complicated process if we adopt traditional litigation methods to resolve them. Dispute Resolution In Technology Transactions And Dealings requires an effective, timely and cost effective mechanism. Traditional litigation is definitely not the place to achieve these objectives.

Obviously, we need an effective alternative to traditional litigation methods to resolve Cross Border Technology Transactions And Dispute Resolutions. Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adr) Mechanisms like arbitration, conciliation, mediation, etc can be used effectively to resolve these technology transactions disputes.

However, even ADR has its own limitations as compared to technology driven dispute resolution mechanisms. These days Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is increasingly considered as a viable option for resolving various disputes. Technology transactions disputes can be effectively resolved using ODR techniques.

For instance, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) For Cross Border E-Commerce Transactions is already been used to resolved small value disputes. Very soon ODR may be extended for high value disputes and other category of disputes. Similarly, domain name disputes resolution is also effectively resolved through ODR mechanism by many individuals and organisations world over.

ODR At The International Level needs to be strengthened. For this we need an International Harmonisation Of Odr Legal Framework as well as suitable policies at the national level. Efforts in this direction have already been undertaken at the international level and very soon we may see some development in this regard.