Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Co.Cc Is Blocking Domains Illegally

It seems the free domain provider Co.Cc is not providing free anything. It is trying to encash upon the goodwill and reputation of a domain registered at its platform. Once a domain is well known and reputed, it is blocking the same for extraneous considerations without any prior notice and explaining grounds for the same.

We were running a news and views site named Cjnews that was also part of Google’s news database. However, on 5th July 2010 it was blocked by Co.Cc without any cause and reason. On further investigation, we were informed by the help centre of co.cc that they think our site could become a phishing / spam / illegal site.

We persisted in our pursuit for the truth and subsequently we received a mail from them informing us that our contents were “inappropriate”. It seems co.cc is trying to hush up something more sinister. Either they are acting on the instance of governmental authorities (Indian or Korean) or they are trying to establish a dubious practice of arm twisting and then forcing free users pay otherwise.

It is high time for co.cc to explain their illegal and unreasonable actions.