Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Forced Co.Cc To Block Cjnews Domain Without Any Reason?

In the news piece we wrote at CIO we analysed how Co.Cc is trying to suppress the voice of people by unreasonably blocking the domain registered at its platform. As per the latest communication we received from them through an e-mail, they have changed their stand dramatically.

Previously the site Administrator informed us that they think our site could become a phishing / spam / illegal site. How that could happen was never communicated to us. Similarly, we never received either any warning or any intimation from them regarding this claims of Co.Cc.

Now the e-mail form Co.Cc tells us that our site was blocked due to “inappropriate contents”. It seems our site has suddenly ceased to be site “capable” of phishing, spam and illegal activity in “future”. Now our site is providing “inappropriate contents” in present.

Come on Co.Cc clear your head and give us the real reason for your illegal and unreasonable blocking of our site. The funny reasons that you are giving is only strengthening the suspicion of bad faith and mala fide intentions on your part. Similarly, this episode is all raising lot of doubts about your professional and legal commitments.