Thursday, October 4, 2012

Google Censored Posts Of ICTPS Blog-1

All those who are victim of censorship and manual action penalty by Google must look for better and viable alternative. You can have better search results with DuckDuckGo and Yahoo instead of Google. Further, exploring other search engines also reflect the true picture of Internet search as Google no more follows the do not be evil motto anymore.

Today we are covering the blog titled International ICT Policies and Strategies as an anti censorship fight against Google and all those who believe in malicious activities affecting free speech and expression on the Internet.

The below mentioned is the first part of ICTPS blog posts censored by Google and reproduced by us for the greater benefit of all concerned:

(1) Telecom Equipments Security Framework of India

(2) Technology Dispute Resolution Services of WIPO and UNCITRAL

(3) WIPO’s Standing Committee on Patents and Technology Transfer

(4) ITU's Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility (FGAVA)

(5) Telecom Equipments Must Be Certified By TEC in India before Use

(6) Call Data Records Storage Policy of India

(7) Cyber Law Of India Should Be Repealed

(8) India Us Cyber Security Cooperation Agreement Signed

(9) Norms For Import Of Telecom Equipments In India

(10) Preliminary Issue Report On The Current State Of The UDRP

(11) ICANN And INTERPOL Moots Internet Security

(12) The Truth Of Aadhar Project And UIDAI

(13) Illegal Phone Tapping In India Under Scrutiny

(14) Income Tax Directorate of Criminal Investigation Of India

(15) EU Commission Considers ODR For Cross Border Consumer Disputes

(16) Technology Dispute Resolution Policy Of India

(17) RBI Mandates Information Giving Of Strictures Passed Against Directors

(18) Is DOT Bound By Policy Decisions Of TRAI?

(19) US DOD And DHS Would Share Cyber Security Expertise

(20) CBDT Can Continue To Request Phones Tap In India

(21) Online Dispute Resolution In Asian Countries

(22) India Is Becoming A Hub For Spam Communications

(23) GPS Based Tracking For Strauss Kahn While On Bail

(24) Parliamentary Standing Committee On IT Angry With DOT

(25) Glendora Police Department Is Using Innovative Methods

(26) Electronic Service Delivery In India Proposed

(27) CBI Director Stresses Upon Technology Awareness Among Bank Officers

(28) UK Looking Forward For Cyber Crimes Fighters

(29) UK Looking Forward For Cyber Crimes Fighters

(30) International Cyber Crime Fight Getting Serious

(31) Indian Companies Are Facing Shortage Of Skilled Workforce

(32) European Union India Free Trade Agreement May Be Tough

(33) Phil Reitinger Resigns From Homeland Security's Post

(34) Massachusetts Unemployment Agency Infected By Worm

(35) Income Tax Criminal Investigation Would Be Revamped In India

(36) Mobile Banking In India Still Not Popular Says RBI

(37) Greater India US Cyber Security Cooperation Anticipated

(38) Natgrid Project Of India Is Still In Troubled Waters

(39) Indo-U.S. Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Centre

(40) Canada Is The New Preferred Place For Cyber Criminals

(41) Microsoft And Symantec Eyes Upon Cyber Security Market Of India

(42) India-US Homeland Security Dialogue

(43) Lack Of Privacy Laws Stalled Natgrid Project

(44) E-Surveillance Policy Of India Is Needed

(45) Indian Centre For Communication Security Research and Monitoring (CCSRM)

(46) Open Source Policy Of India Needed

(47) Is Cloud Computing A Viable Solution In India?

(48) International Organisations And Cyber Crimes

(49) US International Strategy For Cyberspace

We would cover more censored posts of ICT blogs and other blogs very soon. You can also contribute in fighting against these unfair practices and censorship by Google by giving as much public attention to this fact as possible. Also kindly post a paragraph of these posts and link back to the original post(s) to fight against Google’s censorship.