Friday, October 5, 2012

Google Censored Posts Of ICTPS Blog-2

If you are a victim of censorship and manual action penalty by Google, then you must look for better and viable alternatives. After thorough research we have come to a conclusion that you can have better search results with DuckDuckGo and Yahoo instead of Google. Further, exploring other search engines also reflect the true picture of Internet search as we cannot rely upon Google anymore.

Today we are covering the blog titled International ICT Policies and Strategies as an anti censorship fight against Google and all those who believe in malicious activities affecting free speech and expression on the Internet.

The first part of the series has already been published. The below mentioned is the second part of ICTPS blog posts censored by Google and reproduced by us for the greater benefit of all concerned:

Legal Issues Of New GTLDs Applications And Registrations

Dr. Manmohan Singh Must Analyse Aadhar Project In Detail

Public Records Act 1993 And IT Act 2000 Mandates

Regulatory Framework For Cloud Computing In India

Electronic Services Delivery And Public Records Act 1993

E-Discovery Laws And Practices In India

Legal Framework For E-Governance In India

E-Delivery Of Public Services Development Policy Loan Of India

Human Rights Protection In Indian Cyberspace

The E-Waste (Management And Handling) Rule Of 2011 Of India

E-Waste Law And Regulatory Framework In India

E-Courts Project Of India

Legal Framework For Cloud Computing In India

Central Monitoring System Project Of India

ODR Services Providers In Asia

ICANN's Global Outreach And International Cooperation

GTLDs, Cyber Security, DNSSEC And ICANN

Online Dispute Resolution Services In India

Intelligence Work Is Not An Excuse For Non Accountability

Public Records Keeping Framework In India

Digital Preservation In India

Indian Government Waking Up To Privacy Laws Requirements

ICANN Approval Of New GTLD Names And Unforeseen Challenges

Encryption Policy Of India Is Needed

European Union (EU) Forms CERT Group To Fight Cyber Attacks

The Role Of ICT In Effective Judicial System

National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) Project Of India

New National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2011 Of India

Cell Site Location Based E-Surveillance In India

New National Telecom Policy Of India 2011 By DOT

Cyber Law Due Diligence In India

Cell Site Data Location Laws In India And Privacy Issues

Encryption Service Providers Would Not Be Banned In India

EU-India Joint ICT Research And Innovation Programmes

Euro India ICT Cooperation And Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

White House Is Mulling Federal Cyber Security Law

First Digital Agenda Assembly Of European Union

Dispute Prevention And Resolution In The Film And Media Industry

Entertainment And Media Industry Growth And Challenges In India

Spear Phishing Is A Potential Threat To Financial Institutions

Cyber Security Plan Of Seoul

Fake UID Card Make Aadhar Project More Vulnerable

Cyber Security Must Be An International Issue

The Fiasco Of Jan Lokpal Law Of India

Spam Blogs Are Diminishing Quality Of Google

EU Sets Up Team Of Cyber Crimes Fighters

Legal Enablement Of ICT Systems In India

Cyber Forensics Laws In India

Cyberspace Crisis Management Plan Of India

Citigroup Confirms Cyber Attack Upon Bank’s Network

Proposed Draft Right To Privacy Bill 2011 Of India

Public Records Keeping Framework Of Reserve Bank Of India

Cyber Security Laws In India

Cyber Security Policy Of India

CCS Did Not Approve Natgrid Project Absolutely

International Cyber Security Treaty Is Required

Right To Privacy Bill Of India 2011

International Cyber Law Treaty Is Required

United Nations And Human Rights In Cyberspace

Cyber Security Of Banks In India And RBI

Jan Lokpal Act 2011 Of India Must Be Strong, Robust And Effective

Cloud Computing Policy Of India

Data Protection Law In India Is Needed

Online Police Verification Of Passport Applications In Bangalore

Australia Plans Cyber Defence Strategy To Combat Hacking

Right To Privacy In India In Pipeline

Privacy Rights In India In The Information Age

RBI Made Appointment Of Chief Of Internal Vigilance Mandatory

ATM Frauds In India And Their Techno Legal Preventive Measures

RBI Recommended Constitution Of Secure Systems To Check Credit Card Frauds

Report Of The RBI Working Group On Securing Card Present Transaction

Cyber Security Due Diligence For Banks In India

Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection Policy Of India

Cyber Warfare Policy Of India

WIPO And Online Dispute Resolution

Will The Second Worldwide Cyber Security Summit Of London Succeed

Scotland Yard Establishes Cyber Flying Squad

Google Suspects China Behind Gmail Hacking Attempt

RBI Recommendation On Information Security And Its Implementation In India

RBI Working Group On Information Security, Electronic Banking, Technology Risk Management and Cyber Frauds

Online Dispute Resolution For Cross Border E-Commerce Transactions

European Commission Suggested Use Of Online Dispute Resolution

Technology Would Be Used In Europe To Broaden Access To Justice

Cyber Security In India

Cyber Security Policy And Strategy Of India

The Second Worldwide Cyber Security Summit Of London

We would cover more censored posts of ICT blogs and other blogs very soon. You can also contribute in fighting against these unfair practices and censorship by Google by giving as much public attention to this fact as possible. Also kindly post a paragraph of these posts and link back to the original post(s) to fight against Google’s censorship.