Saturday, November 17, 2012

Electronic Commerce Legal Firms in India

Entrepreneurs from diverse fields are exploring electronic commerce (e-commerce) in India. This is a good sign but e-commerce laws and regulations in India must also be considered while lunching an e-commerce portal.

As on date we have no dedicated e-commerce laws in India. However, the information technology act, 2000 prescribes Internet intermediaries liability in India. This includes e-commerce portals and they can be held responsible for not following the law of the land. For instance, cyber law due diligence in India is one aspect that all e-commerce site owners must frequently engage in.

There is no doubt that the e-commerce regulatory requirements are techno legal in nature that very few can understand. For instance, Perry4Law is the exclusive techno legal IP and ICT law firm of India and world wide. Among other areas, techno legal services pertaining to e-commerce litigation, consultancy, corporate advisory, IPRs protection, information technology, contract drafting, etc are provided by Perry4Law.

E-commerce players in India must consult some good law firm like Perry4Law before they launch their ambitious projects so that they may not face legal ramifications.

Source: Techno Legal News