Saturday, November 17, 2012

Perry4Law-Exclusive ICT Law Firm Of India

Cyber crimes and online frauds are increasing in India. At the same time there is a lack of cyber law awareness in India. Even cyber crimes against women in India are at steep rise. On top of it we have few cyber law firms in India and almost nil ICT law firms in India.

The only exception can be found in the form of Perry4Law that is the exclusive techno legal corporate, intellectual property and ICT law firm of India and world wide. The techno legal cyber law, cyber forensics and cyber security expertise of Perry4Law is world renowned.

In a highly competitive and inter connected world, India cannot afford to take cyber law issues casually. In the absence of adequate cyber and techno legal skills in India, very few people and firms can take up and manage cyber law and ICT related issues.

Global ICT law firms like Perry4Law are helping in bridging the gap between developed nations and countries like India where there are very few cyber law firms operating. We expect more from global ICT and cyber law firm like Perry4Law in future.