Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cabinet Committee on Security Is Taking Natgrid Casually

Natgrid Project Of India does not safeguard civil liberties violations in India.

It has been reported that the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) has cleared the setting up of the highly controversial National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) project, which will allow investigating, enforcement and intelligence agencies to access real-time information easily. What is surprising is that the issues that makes Natgrid project violative of civil liberties of Indians have not yet been resolved. Even the CCS has not yet gone through the detailed project report prepared by Home Ministry that claims that privacy violations issues have been resolved.

Interestingly, the detailed report has to be finalised and then only it will be shown to home minister P. Chidambaram before being sent back to CCS. If this is the procedure then there is no question of getting a clearance from CCS at this stage unless both Home Ministry and CCS considers the “safeguards exercise” a formality and redundant exercise.