Thursday, May 13, 2010

Human Rights In India At Stake

Civil liberties in India in general and privacy rights in particular are at stake. The government of India is doing its level best to invade human rights of Indians. It is formulating projects after projects without any regard to civil liberties of Indians. Whether it is Aadhar project of India or Natgrid Project of India the civil liberties of Indians are openly and blatantly violated.

Aadhar project of India is devoid of any legal framework that may back the spending of crores of money. There is no sense in continuing the project till there is a constitutionally sound law backing its operations. Till now the UIDAI is operating without any authority and there is no justifications for the amount spend under the project.

Similarly, Natgrid project was originally stalled due to protests from experts and lack of privacy safeguards. The Home ministry of India is trying to revive the same with great disregard to privacy rights and civil liberties. According to media reports, even the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) of India has unofficially cleared the project. After the protests from civil liberty experts the government of India has once again declared that it would clear the Natgrid project only after independent audit regarding proper safeguards for privacy rights of stakeholders.

It seems the government of India is not serious at all about privacy rights in India and it merely gives press statement the moment it faces a protest. Only time will tell how sincere it is regarding protecting privacy rights and civil liberties of Indians?