Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Indian Government 100 Days Workplan In Serious Jeopardy

The Indian Congress led UPA Government made certain “Promises” for the socio-economic development of India. However, the fears of such promises turning into mere words have started becoming the reality within two weeks of such declaration.

While the “failures” became apparent within the “first week itself” yet they have now been confirmed by some of the recent announcement by various Ministries of UPA government.

The government is in no serious mood to actually implement the promises made by it on 4th June 2009. The actual period of 100 days started from 5th June 2009 and the government is just fooling Indians by now claiming that its ministries would release its 100 days plan very soon.

The 100 days period must expire on 12th September 2009. However, the ministries of UPA government have still not wakened to this reality. Rather they are fooling Indian by claiming that 100 days plan would be revealed very soon.

With this attitude and commitment, even the five year tenure would fall short to meet even a single promise made by the UPA government. This is more so for crucial issues pertaining to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that has been passing through a bad phase in India. The cyber law of India is weak and deficient and there is no National ICT Policy in India.

It would be better if the Congress led government takes some concrete and active steps in the direction of achieving its promises otherwise the remaining hopes would also dies sooner than the promised 100 day period.

E-Stamping In Assam

Assam is introducing electronic or e-stamping on an experimental basis in two districts this month as a first step towards pre-empting fraudulent dealings with stamp papers, which made Abdul Karim Telgi a millionaire in the nineties.

To get the procedure moving, Dispur will sign an memorandum of understanding with the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL), the agency mandated by the Centre to act as the apex record keeping agency for the pilot project, here tomorrow.