Monday, June 7, 2010

Lawyers Skill Development In India

Baljeet Singh

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is the premier techno-legal institution of India. It provides online techno legal training, coaching, internship and education of highly qualitative nature. PTLB is also providing bar examinations training and coaching through its online platform. It is also providing cyber law training, internship and coaching through its other online platform.

These initiatives of PTLB are different from other online initiatives that are primarily academic in nature. We at PTLB give more importance to skill development and practical training rather than academic qualification. For instance, while many coaching centres may provide bar examination coaching yet our platforms are thriving to achieve altogether different objectives. We transform law graduates into great professionals.

India urgently requires legal reforms and professional legal education. For that we need legal education reforms in India to be achieved. The Bar Council of India (BCI) has a golden opportunity to improve the quality of legal professionals entering into the profession. However, the same would be wasted if the bar examinations is a mere formality that any and every entrant can clear. If the standards for clearance of bar exams are set to the lowest level, than these exams are more hurdle than a qualitative measure. The BCI needs to change its attitude towards the nature of exams, passing marks, pattern of exam, knowledge expectation, etc that are presently set at the lowest side of the quality.

Our bar examination and lawyers training platforms are intended to provide the highest quality and toughest level of training and education to law graduates and lawyers. We cannot afford to adopt a lax approach towards the contemporary skill requirements and international standards and competition. So here comes the heavy weight suggestion: if you wish to have a casual training and coaching, we are sorry to inform you that our platforms are not meant for you. However, if you wish to make a mark for yourself, you are invited to join our courses, trainings, coaching and programs. If you wish to join our platforms for the sake of joining we recommend you not to join at all.

With these introductory words, we invite all concerned to be a part of the revolutionary and gigantic effort by PTLB to make legal professionals of India the best in the World. More details and information would be shared by us in our subsequent posts. Thanks for your patience and attention and all the best for all your endeavours and legal careers.