Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interpol Helped India In Tracking Child Porn Surfers

Protecting children in cyberspace has become a daunting task. As the Internet is not confined with any boundary, fighting online child pornography requires an internationally coordinated effort.

This is exactly what happened in a recent episode of surfing child pornography in India. In this case the Interpol coordinated with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to unearth the guilty surfers. After the details of the accused were made available to the local police, the state cyber police registered a case against 20 Keralites for trawling child porn websites.

The list was prepared by the Interpol after closely tracking the users for the past couple of months. The list contains the name, IP address and full postal address of persons from various parts of the state.

Police has also started cross-checking the details of these surfers. As per the cyber law of India, incorporated in the information technology act 2000, browsing child porn sites is a non-bailable offence. However, action against the offenders will be decided after thorough discussions with higher-ups.

According to police sources there has been considerable increase in child porn surfing in Kerala. The Interpol prepared the list after getting in touch with various internet service providers. At times, they even host fake websites to check how many surfers are visiting it. It is a basically a covert operation of the Interpol to hunt down such surfers. The list of offenders is prepared after multiple-level of surveillance and filtering.