Monday, July 27, 2009

Mass Surveillance Under The IT Act 2008: Some Curious Development

Hi all,This post would be about the recent amendments done in Information Technology Act (Amendment) 2008, India and some other curious stuff I have seen on the wikipedia entry of the same the last few days.

There was an Information Technology Amendment Bill 2008 which was passed by Govt. of India on 22nd of December 2008 . There was virtually no debate on the matter as it was passed within a group of 8 bills which were passed in a record 17 minutes. Now that the law has been passed it would take years or even decades to get it overturned. The mainstream press turned a blind eye to all the things. Not a single newspaper talked of this either before or after the event.

What also has been curiouser though is something I saw on Wikipedia. I have to confess that in my free time I edit or go through the articles of Wikipedia to enrich myself. The IT Act 2008 has been covered adequately in wikipedia with the Amendment as well. While going through the links, a specific link made by Praveen Dalal stood out as it was the sole voice at the time I was going through. Curiously though, the links have been removed. The only single post is by somebody named Shristi Sharma and the comment says it belongs to somebody else. The whole thing stinks. Whatever perspective that person had bought is now dead to us as the link no longer exists. Even google cache throws up empty.

If somebody has some more info. on the blog site, what happened at the blogspot site would be interested to know. For the other thing, just have to hang my head my shame. In hope of better times



Simple. Google platforms have been abused by the competitors of Praveen Dalal and Perry4Law. Since Google failed to remedy the abuses, as a protest all the blogs have been taken away from public domain. No further updates would be available. The entire history is available at

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Even cyber squatters are enjoying the hard earned fruits of others (Reclaiming India Blog) due to Google’s indifference.