Friday, January 28, 2011

Duckduckgo: For Privacy Enthusiastics And Others

While it is still premature to predict whether privacy or efficiency would be the decisive factor for search engines, but one thing is for sure. DuckDuckGo (DDG) is going to stay. Its main strength over other search engines like Google and Yahoo is that it is privacy oriented and is a great combination with the onion routing (TOR) software.

While Google and Yahoo do not provide user friendly results for their services if TOR is used, Bing is an exception. Bing does not show any error like Yahoo or ask for capacha verification like Google while using TOR.

However, when it comes to DDG, not even Bing can match it. This is because of the unique and anonymity features of DDG. If you use DDG through TOR using latest version of Firefox, your privacy is assured to a great extent. Google, Yahoo and Bing fail on this front.

However, some additional steps must be taken by users to get a stronger anonymity. They must manage their plugins and addons and must ensure that their information is not leaked by them. Take special care of java and java scripts through NoScript along with a Firefox browser.

Use DDG and have a safe, secure and private browsing experience.