Friday, December 17, 2010

Vodafone India Is Loosing Its Customers Over Reverification Issue

Vodafone India’s services are not upto the mark and its customer care services is even worst. The latest to add to the woes of Vodafone’s users is the reverification drive that has harassed many Vodafone customers. Surprisingly, even after submission of proper and complete documents, Vodafone customers are again asked to resubmit the same.

This has also damaged the reputation and trust of Vodafone and after the number portability comes into force, a dominant segment of Vodafone customers may switch to other mobile service providers.

Noted lawyer Praveen Dalal has even sent a legal notice to Vodafone India regarding its reverification process. After the legal notice, Vodafone India tried to pass the buck to department of telecommunication (DoT) India.

It seems Vodafone India has been negligent in handling the sensitive document of its users and thereby makes these users vulnerable to frauds and identity thefts.

Companies like Vodafone India are misusing the concepts of national security and public interest by citing DoT regulations. DoT has nowhere mentioned that Vodafone must dump the document submitted along with the connection and ask for them again and again.

By disconnecting user’s connections, Vodafone India is also violating the consumer laws of India and is engaging in unfair trade practices.

DoT, India must initiate an inquiry in this regard especially where the original documents submitted with Vodafone India have gone? In fact, these lost documents may pose many security related problems as well.

The matter has been brought to the knowledge of DoT Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal by Praveen Dalal and let us hope Mr. Sibal would bring some order in the otherwise unregulated world of Indian telecom sector in general and Vodafone India in particular.