Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cyber Security Training In India

Cyber security is a highly complicated and very remunerative profession. It requires tremendous knowledge about computers, networks, computing principles and many more complex aspects.

These days every discipline has become attached to one or more other disciplines. Cyber security has also been clubbed with legal framework world over. Cyber security has essentially become techno legal in nature where it has to cater the requirements of both law and computer science.

However, there are very few techno legal institutions that can provide techno legal cyber security training and education. For instance, we have a single techno legal cyber security research, training and education centre in India. It is managed by Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). We need more such techno legal cyber security institutions in India.

PTLB and Perry4Law are providing cyber security training and education in India through their online platform. The platform also provides training regarding cyber law, cyber forensics, e-courts, etc.

Overall, the position of cyber security is not very good in India. This is mainly attributable to the absence of cyber security policy in India. In the absence of cyber security policy in India, not much attention is given to cyber security research, education and training in India.

Indian government must not only spread cyber law and cyber security awareness in India but must also work in the direction of strengthening the overall position of cyber security in India.