Friday, August 21, 2009

The Stalled Judicial Reforms In India And The Decisive Bold Step

It is now clear that the declaration of the law minister Mr. Molly regarding judicial reforms in India proved to be just a wish alone. With no hopes for the judicial and legal reforms in India left, we are now witnessing a silver lining in the dark clouds of mammoth backlogs of cases and archaic and redundant laws. With a welcome step that shows the fairness and boldness of the judicial officials like Justice DV Shylendra Kumar, a new debate has once again cropped up.

The Government had to withdraw the Bill on Judges' Assets in the last session of Parliament after a chorus of protest from the Opposition against the provision that a judge's assets would be beyond the purview of the Right to Information Act. Justice Kumar argued that it was the Supreme Court itself that pushed RTI and said that he was than willing to declare his assets in public.