Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cyber Security Courses In India

India is facing lots of cyber security attacks these days. In the absence of adequate cyber skills and proper cyber security policy in India, the situation is not going to improve. As a matter of fact, cyber security in India needs rejuvenation.

India needs good cyber security research and training institutions. Presently, India does not have enough cyber security research and training centers. Further, cyber security is essentially techno legal in nature, i.e. it requires both technical as well as legal support to grow.

The only techno-legal cyber security research and training centre (CSRTCI) in India is managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). It is managing issues like cyber war, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, cyber forensics, critical ICT infrastructure protection in India, etc.

Further, PTLB is also exclusively providing techno legal cyber security education and training n India. Those interested in getting cyber security courses in India and cyber security trainings in India can enroll here.

Application form for the enrollment to cyber security courses and trainings and other courses and trainings can be downloaded from here. Fill the form and submit the same along with the prescribed fees.

For more details regarding the fees, duration of courses, natures of courses, etc see the FAQs.

Since the seats are limited, early comers would be obviously benefited. Additionally, early enrollment would also carry many long term and attractive benefits. Enroll before all the seats are gone.