Friday, August 31, 2012

Cyber Law And Cyber Security Updates-31-08-2012

In this August 2012 edition, we are covering important cyber law and cyber security related articles of India. These are as follows:

(1) Why India Is Ignoring Cyber Security? –This article is discussing about the sad position pertaining to cyber security condition of India. It is also advocating adoption of effective cyber security in India as soon as possible. 

(2) Cyber Security Of Power Sector In India- This article is discussing the position of cyber security in India pertaining to power grids and power sector of India. Till now Indian government has failed to consider this aspect.

(3) Chandigarh Considering Cyber Security Model Of UK- Another incidence where India is blindly adopting foreign models without analysing its pros and cons.

(4) Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) Challenges In India- This article is discussing the e-discovery challenges that Indian e-discovery professionals and stakeholders must take care of.

(5) Cyber Security Challenges In India- This good article by India’s exclusive techno legal ICT law firm Perry4Law and leading techno legal institutions of India PTLB  discusses various cyber security challenges of India that it is currently facing.

(6) Cyber Security Challenges For The Smart Grids In India- Smart grids and power sector of India are facing sever cyber security risks. This article is addressing these issues along with possible solutions for the same.

(7) Cyber War Against India: Is It Real?- The hysterical media of India labels every cyberspace activity as cyber war. This article is removing the general misconceptions regarding cyber war and its applicability to India.

(8) Cyber Security For Power Energy And Utilities In India- Cyber security for power energy and utilities of India has recently received attention of all, including Indian government. However, the loopholes are still looming large and this article discusses the same.

(9) India's Cyber Security Challenges- This article is another wake up call in the series to the Indian government by Perry4Law and PTLB. The cyber security issues and challenges of India have been appropriately addressed by this article.

We hope you would find these updates useful.