Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ram K Kaushik

Legal education in India has to be at par with international norms and standards. Presently legal education of India is lagging far behind than the required benchmark. This is because India is concentrating too much upon academic studies and almost nothing upon practical training and skill development of lawyers and judges.

Various studies and research in India have suggested that out of the educated masses only 15 to 25% are fit for being absorbed at job places. In short, India is running short of institutions that can impart good techno-legal skill development education, training and coaching.

India needs urgent educational and legal reforms that must be undertaken as soon as possible. One such area that requires urgent attention is the amalgamation of legal education with information and communication technology (ICT). Presently, there are very few organisations that are using ICT for legal education in India.

On the positive side we have institutions like Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) (managed by leading techno-legal ICT law firm of the world Perry4Law) that is providing techno-legal education, training, skill development and coaching in India. PTLB is the exclusive techno-legal institution that is also providing skill development and training in an online environment.

PTLB is running many online techno-legal training, skill development and educational platforms. The cyber law platform is providing skill development, training and coaching for cyber law related issues whereas the bar examination platform is providing coaching and training for bar examinations. However, these platforms are not just other online platforms for awarding academic degrees or diplomas but they provide real, effective and highly specialised and highly professional techno-legal skill development services.

While PTLB is primarily providing techno-legal trainings and skill development courses of basic level, Perry4Law Techno-Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) is providing highly specialised and domain specific skill development and professional courses and programs. The website of PTLITC would be launched very soon and to have an idea of the future trainings and skill development courses of PTLITC, you may visit the Techno-Legal Segment of PTLB.

Interestingly, this is not the end of the skill development and professional making initiatives of Perry4Law. The best and most effective skill development and highly specialised training and educational initiatives of Perry4Law is Continuing Legal Education (CLE) or Legal Lifelong Learning. Once again this is the exclusive CLE or lifelong learning centre/institute of India.

These skill development and professional knowledge enhancement initiatives of Perry4Law have given Indian legal system a great techno-legal boost.