Saturday, May 1, 2010

Judges And Lawyers Training Centre In India

Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has advised judges and lawyers of India to continuously upgrade their knowledge. He suggested that judges and lawyers must go for periodic refresher courses so they can cope up with the paradigm shift in the very nature of law. New areas like cyber law should be learnt by them.

These are very wise word. However, to achieve the same we need good quality and world renowned techno-legal institutions that can achieve this task. Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) is one such premier techno-legal institution of the world. It has recently launched its online techno-legal cyber law training, coaching, internships, etc for law students, lawyers, judges, professionals, etc.

PTLB is just one of the techno-legal segments of Perry4Law. There are some very interesting techno-legal segments of Perry4Law that take care of various techno-legal services of Perry4Law. For instance, take the example of techno-legal lifelong learning centre of Perry4Law. It is the exclusive lifelong learning centre of India working in the direction of providing a continuing and lifelong legal learning in India. Similarly, the bar examination segment of Perry4Law is catering the demands of fresh law graduates to clear the recently introduced bar examination in India.

As far as training of judges in India is concerned we have some very good institutions in India. However, there seems to be no training centre for lawyers in India. The real problem comes when we talk about techno-legal training of lawyers and judges in India.

Fortunately, even this issue has been redressed by Perry4Law Techno-Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) of Perry4Law. It is providing techno-legal training to almost all the segments of governmental as well as non-governmental professionals and workforce. Among other trainings, it is also providing training to judges and lawyers in India and abroad.

With these initiatives at place, lot of hope is available for the legal fraternity as well as judges in India.


Privacy Implications Of UID

This blog [Law and Other Things] has discussed the implications of the UID project before. Readers interested in the issue may want to see the following resources too:

- Usha Ramanathan's articles in the IE: (i) Personal is Personal See also, the comment on data keeping in Nazi Germany), and (ii) Eyeing IDs

- Rahul Matthan on the need for a law protecting privacy

- Perry4law, a 'techno-legal law firm', on some of the implications of the project



Techno-Legal Higher Legal Education In India Got A Boost

Cyber law is a technical subject and has tremendous career opportunities. This is more so if cyber law education, training and coaching is provided by a platform like Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB). PTLB is world renowned for its techno-legal services and with that reputation backing PTLB it has started another landmark initiative.

For the enthusiastics of cyber law, PTLB has started online cyber law training, coaching and internship courses. This way those who cannot personally attend its internship, coaching and training programs, can do so with the help of Internet. So much so that now even resident of other countries can also enroll with its courses and trainings.

To make the things even better, PTLB has also started online bar examination coaching and training courses. Both cyber law and bar examination training and coaching courses can be enrolled by students and professionals from its online prototype.