Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cyber Law, IPRs, Privacy, Data Protection And E-Discovery Updates 08-02-2012

This work is providing some very crucial updates provided by many blogs in the fields like cyber law, intellectual property rights (IPRs), privacy rights and privacy laws, data protection, data security, Internet intermediary liability, content removals, e-discovery, etc.

The following posts are worth considering in this regard:

(1) Data protection laws in India,

(2) Privacy rights and laws in India,

(3) Civil liberties protection in cyberspace,

(4) Privacy rights, privacy laws and data protection laws in India

(5) Google’s strategy to tackle Indian legal disputes

(5) Google and Facebook to remove offending contents

(7) Google must address trademarks violations complaints

(8) Remedies for small copyright claims in United States

(9) DMCA compliant to Google Incorporation and legal notice to Google India

(10) Google’s Adwords and Adsense trademark policy

(11) Google’s new privacy policy and terms of service (ToR)

(12) India must invent alternative to DMCA complaints to Google and others

(13) Google and Facebook must comply with Indian laws

(14) National telecom security policy of India

(15) National Telecom Network Security Coordination Board (NTNSCB) of India

(16) Are Google, Facebook, etc heading for a trouble?

(17) Modernisation of Postal Department Of India

(18) Internet Intermediary Liability In India

(19) Legal arsenal for Delhi High Court to decide Google and Facebook case

(20) Will Delhi High Court deliver cyber justice to India?

(21) Video conferencing is a trouble technology in India

(22) Is Google deliberately avoiding compliance with Indian laws?

(23) Blogger is making country specific redirections

(24) Cyber litigations against foreign websites in India

(25) Websites blocking in India

(26) Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011

(27) Google, Facebook, etc must appoint nodal officers in India

(28) E-discovery for social media in India

(29) Data rooms and legal compliances in India

(30) Virtual data rooms and legal compliances in India

(31) Online legal due diligence in India

(32) Virtual legal due diligence in India

We hope you would find these updates useful.