This is a platform where the best techno-legal journalists from India and abroad are and would be sharing their news, views, opinions, stories, comments, suggestions, etc. This platform would cater the need of critical evaluation of techno-legal policies, laws, strategies, regulations, etc not only in India but also for foreign jurisdictions. After the great success of Techno Legal News and Views platform, we have decided to take it to another higher level.

Our endeavour would be to cover those areas and topics that mainstream media dare not to cover. Further, we would also discuss those issues that are either deliberately ignored or purposefully oppressed by various governing regimes.

Our main focus would be upon areas like Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Activities, Defence Forces, E-Governance, E-Commerce, etc. We would also cover topics and issue of national and international importance.

Writers are invited to share their news, views, opinions, etc at this platform. We accept only original and unpublished news and views. Further, only the writers of our existing platforms can post our articles and news at other citizen journalism platforms but not other writers.

We hope this initiative of ours would prove useful for all concerned. We always look forward for your feedbacks and suggestions.

We also have the permission to post the Articles and Opinions of Mr. Praveen Dalal, Leading Techno-Legal Experts of India and Managing Partner of Perry4Law, with proper attribution and as Guest Columns.