Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Law Enforcement Agencies Need Cyber Law Training

World over it is a common belief that law enforcement agencies are well behind the cyber criminals and they cannot meet the growing challenges of cyber law and cyberspace. Even the law enforcement agencies are also of the opinion that their expertise is well behind the expertise of cyber criminals and crackers.

A well organised police cell for dealing with cyber crimes is still a distant dream. However, the least law enforcement agencies can do is to get the basic level computer and cyber law trainings. Till now even this basic level awareness and training is missing for law enforcement agencies.

Further, these trainings must be techno legal in nature to be effective. Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is providing world class techno legal trainings for law enforcement officials. It is also managing a techno legal cyber law, cyber forensics and ICT training centre for police force in India.

The best part is that PTLB is also managing the exclusive Techno legal e-learning centre in India. Any law enforcement agency of the world can enroll its officer for the great techno legal cyber law, cyber forensics and other courses of PTLB. All these courses can be undertaken in an online mode and from any location of the world.

The need for such trainings in India is very apparent. Cyber crimes investigation in India is a tedious and difficult task for the police force of India. A trained cyber police force of India is needed so that the growing cyber crime cases in India can be effectively tackled. Indian Police needs cyber law training so that cyber crimes victims in India may get appropriate remedy and justice.

PTLB is providing various courses on investigation of cyber crime cases in India and world wide. Further, PTLB is also providing cyber crimes investigation training in India.

Interested stakeholders may visit the PTLB e-learning site and follow the procedure mentioned therein. Once the enrollment to PTLB courses is successfully undertaken, these stakeholders can enrich themselves with the world class techno legal trainings of PTLB.