Thursday, April 1, 2010

Techno-Legal ICT Centre For Parliament Of India

Use of technology has benefited many individuals and organisations. The technology has even benefited governments and governmental functioning. However, the true use of technology is still awaiting a signal from Indian government and its agencies. One such pillar of Indian sovereign is Parliament of India that has to be more technology enabled and technology guided.

Information and communication technology (ICT) related issues have always been taken lightly by Indian parliament. For instance, the IT Amendment Bill, 2008 was passed by both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha without even a discussion or debate. This shows the indifferent attitude of Indian government/parliament towards ICT related laws in India.

There is an emergent need to streamline Indian parliament through use of ICT for all purposes, including law making. Perry4Law has launched a centre that intends to assist parliament of India and parliaments of other nations to effectively use ICT for valuable legislative functions and law making.

This is the first initiative of its kind in India and is of tremendous importance. It would extend its expertise for matters like cyber law, cyber forensics, e-governance, etc.

Now at least we can have reasonable and effective cyber law and technology laws that may be formulated in future. The centre has many objectives in mind and protecting human rights in cyberspace is one of them.

Cyber Law Training In India

Indian educational system is more academic than professional. As a result although India has good population that is academically sound yet when it comes to practical and real life experience and work, they do not perform reasonably well. Various studies and research in India have suggested that out of the educated masses only 15 to 25% are fit for being absorbed at job places.

India is running short of institutions that can impart good techno-legal skill development education, training and coaching. Perry4Law and PTLB have launched the first ever “Techno-Legal Online Coaching, Training and Education Centre” in India that aims at developing the skill and talent of the students and professionals seeking a good career in cyber law and allied fields.