Wednesday, December 19, 2012

E-Books And Bookstores In India

The e-books segment is increasing in India due to favourable legal and commercial environment. The e-books publication in India and e-commerce industry is also flourishing. The print book industry is also eying the potential of e-book segment and they are exploring the e-commerce method to increase their revenues. Amid all this excitement remains the fact that e-commerce laws and regulations in India are still not followed by and large by various e-commerce entities in India.

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E-Books Segment Increasing In India

Traditionally book reading was confined to paper based books alone. This has both advantages and disadvantages. But the things have changed dramatically now. With the active use of Internet and information and communication technology (ICT), the book publication and distribution industry has witnessed a sea change.

Electronic books publication is the latest trend world over. Although the market share of books publication is still dominated by printed books yet e-books business segment is also fast catching up.

Many e-commerce players belonging to education sector are eying India for a larger market for e-books. This cannot be effectively done till e-commerce laws and regulations in India are duly followed.

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