Friday, November 25, 2011

Police In India Is Not Comfortable With Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes in India are increasing at a rapid rate. However, the cyber law of India is not strong enough to deter these cyber crimes and common man has to suffer the results of this weak cyber law of India.

Further, the law enforcement agencies of India are not well trained to deal with cyber crimes. If a person whishes to lodge a first information report (FIR) with the police for a cyber crime, he is discouraged by police in every possible manner.

If you seek an explanation from the police officers for this behaviour they would candidly tell you that they lack the necessary expertise to deal with cyber crimes. If police force is not at all aware of cyber law there is no chance that it can solve many sophisticated cyber crimes.

Cyber crimes investigation in India is not satisfactory at all. Police forces lack cyber crimes investigation capabilities in India. Cyber skills development in India for police forces is need of the hour. Even the cyber crimes cells of India are not effective in successfully investigating and solving various cyber crimes.

The position has become so worst that now complainants of cyber crimes have to knock at the doors of high courts to get proper relief. Recently a Criminal Miscellaneous Writ Petition has been filed in Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court for transferring a cyber criminal cases against Facebook to Special Task Force (STF) or some other specialised agency of UP Police.

The petitioner a social activist Nutan Thakur approached the court after the local police failed to take any action in FIRs filed by her against Facebook over alleged use of criminally abusive language. The local police reported that they have no expertise in computers so they cannot proceed ahead.

Blaming the police force of India for this lack of expertise is not good. It is the duty of Indian government to suitably train the police force of India. Modernisation of police force of India is urgently required. Police force must be provided cyber crimes investigation courses and trainings in India.

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