Monday, December 6, 2010

Police, Lawyers And Judges Training In India By PTLB

Technology related or digital issues are not popular either among the legal or among the judicial community of India. This is the reason why cyber law and cyber forensics related issues are seldom found mention in the courts. However, the future belongs to technology related disputes and their resolution.

While foreign countries are giving lots of emphasis to cyber related education and training, India is not doing enough in this regard. Crucial training areas like lifelong learning or continuing legal education (CLE) are still missing in India.

The bar council of India (BCI) is the main authority that is responsible for improving standards of legal professionals in India. Till now, BCI has not been able to materialise its objective of providing scientific and technical professional training to lawyers in India.

The problem seems to be lack of management and expertise in this regard in India. Even Law Ministry of India has not been able to contribute significantly in this direction. Although Law Minister Veerappa Moily has promised many legal and judicial reforms, yet they are still in pipeline. Till these reforms are actually implemented, legal and judicial standards in India cannot improve.

Even the law enforcement agencies of India are not aware of cyber crimes and cyber law related issues. They do not know how to deal with cyber related issues much less how to handle digital evidence. There is also lack of proper cyber law and cyber forensics training for law enforcement agencies of India.

On the other hand, other nations are working really hard in this regard. Take the example of U.S. Attorney's. The U.S. Attorney's Office has sponsored its first "Cyber Crime, Electronic Evidence, and Cyber Security Training" for local and federal law enforcement officials. The purpose of the training is to equip law enforcement agencies of US to deal with cyber crimes.

Investigation of cyber crimes, use of digital evidence and lawful search and seizure of computers is very essential for law enforcement agencies. At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we provide techno legal research, training and education to law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors and lawyers, judicial officers, corporate executives, law graduates, professionals, etc.

The best part of these trainings is that they are all managed in an online environment through our “Online Platform”. Application form for the enrollment to various courses, internships and trainings can be downloaded from here. You must duly fill the form and submit the same along with the prescribed fees. For more details regarding the fees, duration of courses, natures of courses, etc see the FAQs.