Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aadhar Project Of India Is Without Any Legal Aadhar


Legislative supremacy of India has been given a complete go by the Aadhar project of India. Aadhar project was formerly known as the unique identification project of India and it has been renamed to make it more acceptable and recognizable. However, what is not understandable is why Indian government is more interested in letter than spirit and in form than substance.

Presently, the Aadhar project is operating without any legal framework. This is just another example of inability of Parliament of India to function properly and abdicating its constitutional duties. Parliament of India has been either enacting laws that violate the civil liberties of Indians or it abstains from making suitable laws regarding important projects like Aadhar. If this is the attitude of Parliament of India, then one may ask its very purpose.

The Aadhar project of India has tremendous and almost certain privacy violations and e-surveillance implications. Surprisingly, instead of curbing civil liberties violations in India, the Parliament of India enacted information technology act 2008 that amended the parent information technology act 2000. This has made India an endemic e-surveillance society. Despite fierce protests by cyber law experts of India the government of India enacted the 2008 amendments. Now once again despite protests from many segments of the Indian society, the government of India is pushing and imposing aadhar project upon Indian masses just for the sake of “private profits”.

The Indian government is wrapping the sour pill of e-surveillance and civil liberty violations with sweetness of public interest that does not exist at all. It is high time to raise our voices before another e-surveillance instrumentality is imposed upon us.